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Empower families to make positive changes every day that have a lasting impact.

As a pediatric dietitian with an extensive experience in healthcare settings coupled with my passion for holistic health and wellness, I use a “whole picture” approach to care.

“Empowered and confident parents raise empowered and confident children”

Parenting life can feel so complicated! The amount of health and nutrition-related information and services available are overwhelming; we are constantly bombarded with opinions and advice that are disguised as fact over fiction.

I work with children and their families to bridge the gap between credible and up-to-date information and practical tools to apply in their daily lives for more harmony and joy

our goal is happy, healthy children with building blocks for lifelong health!

Single Hour Session

Single hour sessions are best when the plan is to meet weekly for ongoing, consistent support.


If you’d like to have me present at your school, office or event


We cover a variety of topics related to nutrition and, health and wellness, which impacts children of all ages and stages. .

About Argavan

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 13 years of experience working with families, infants, toddlers, older children and teens in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. My passion has always been working with children and their families.

Nutrition Solutions

The child is not gaining the weight they need to stay on track for healthy growth. A thorough workup will be conducted to identify the underlying cause(s).
A descriptive term used in infancy, it refers to a slow growth that doesn’t meet established standards. A thorough workup will be conducted to identify the underlying cause(s).
A form of malnutrition, it is the overconsumption of food to the point where health is negatively affected. A thorough workup will be conducted to identify the underlying cause(s).
Often interchanged with selective eating, the child typically chooses foods that are familiar and/or acceptable, resulting in a diet that lacks variety in taste, texture or color. A thorough workup will be conducted to identify the underlying cause(s).
A child is experiencing hard, dry stools and/or infrequent bowel movements. Diet and lifestyle recommendations will be discussed.
With a focus on an allergen-free diet, we will discuss nutrient-dense foods, meal plans, grocery shopping and label reading.

Working with expectant mothers to eat a nourishing diet and maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy. We continue with breastfeeding nutrition for optimal health for mom and baby (should mom choose to do so).
– General nutrition by age and stage
Including, but not limited to, those mentioned above.

GI disorders include functional and structural diseases involving the gastrointestinal tract. The focus will on on reducing intestinal inflammation and maintaining a healthy gut.

Including, but not limited to, those mentioned above.

Why work with a Registered Dietitian?​

While some RDN’s may call themselves nutritionists, not all nutritionists can call themselves registered dietitians. “Nutritionist” is an unregulated term in the United States and practitioners may have varying degrees of education and training in nutrition; anyone can call themselves as such.

On the other hand, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist has completed an undergraduate program in nutrition and a one year clinical internship program. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists must pass a national exam administered by the American Dietetic Association and maintain their registered status through continuing education and advanced degrees/certifications for areas of specialization and be registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). Be sure to check a person’s background and credentials to ensure you’re receiving evidence-based, credible and sound nutrition advice.


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